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Safari Experiences

Unlock years of local expertise.

Our exceptional Namibian safari experiences are a rare journey, where sustainability and excellence meet, and where the fundamental focus point is you. Singular service, authentic local expertise and insider access is what the About Africa Collection is all about. And individualism is key, as we craft your custom itinerary to reflect your personal style and travel preferences, and where you’re guaranteed to have continued support from start to finish.

Luxury safari experiences beyond compare.

Safari Experience

Riding Safaris

Get up into the saddle to experience Namibia from a whole new perspective. As the saying goes, in riding a horse - we borrow freedom. And there is no freer way to explore the vast landscapes, and feel more connected to this country, than with a horse as your guide.

Safari Experience

4x4 Self Drive

Calling all road trip lovers. Namibia is THE country for those who can't wait to get behind the wheel and explore at their own pace. We'll plan it all for you - and be there as much or as little as you desire - but the journey is all you and as you know, half the fun is getting there...!

French novelist, Gustave Flaubert put it perfectly when he said -
"Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world."
And this could be no more true a feeling for those who journey through Namibia.

Safari Experience

Fly-In Safaris

Aerial enthusiasts along with those short on time, will love our Namibia fly-in safaris. Get to each of your destinations and lodges via plane, in quick order, to fully enjoy your time at each specially selected stop on your journey. Both shared charters and private plane options for VIPs are readily available - and ready to take you up above this seemingly endless country for a view unlike any other.

Safari Experience

Conservation Safaris

Every single one of our lodges and experiences are linked to the ongoing conservation and preservation of the flora, fauna and human inhabitants of Namibia. But for those who wish to travel even deeper, we have specialist conservancy safaris and itineraries that will have you reaching far past a standard Namibian safari.

Ready to send yourself or your clients to Africa's best kept secret?