• Unique Isolation. Escape the chaos.
    Unique Isolation. Escape the chaos.
The Journey Begins here! Experto Crede!

From where you are most at peace, the best ideas and memories are made! Our story began more than 15 years ago between friends and their love for Africa! Around a camp fire, at a lodge, in an aeroplane and in a 4×4. Our passion is the bespoke experience that is curated individually. The journey begins here!

Watching the sun rise in Africa is experiencing the dawn of a world of adventure and experience that awaits you. Then, when the sun sets over the horizon, you find yourself with a divine inner peace reminiscing over the day that was and at the same time dreaming about the new day that that lies ahead. This, to us, is Mama Africa and how the dream to share this magic became our passion!

Stemming from this deep-rooted passion for what we do, our mission was born: Through collective and inspired experience we create the extraordinary by bringing you to Africa, and making your venture into the unknown, known!

Our Sample Itineraries

Our aim is to create the happiest and awe-inspiring individual moments for our travellers. Just imagine, stumbling upon one thing whilst in pursuit of something completely different! Now that, is living the experience, and also the proud legacy of our credo: The Journey Begins here! Experto Crede! Check out the trips that we have done in our sample itineraries...

About Us

We are a Professional Services Company offering local knowledge, expertise and resources to be able to work in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics.