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Namibia Riding Safaris

Equestrians have always known that exploring on horseback brings a unique feeling of peace and connection to the land. And with some travelers now preferring a slower and more sustainable experience in stark contrast to the bucketlist fast-paced tourism of the masses, riding safaris and horseback travel have never been more en vogue. 

We’re working with the individuals who have long since preferred this method of exploration before it was on the travel trends radar, the experts in off-the-beaten-path horse safaris and riding holidays, Ride The Wild, to bring you – our selective travelers and adventurers – the best of what Namibia has to offer. 

Our lodges satisfy riders and non-riders alike, replete with a selection of safari experiences only found in Namibia.

Lodge-based horseback safaris

Untamed in so many aspects, Namibia is a land of endless horizons rich in diversity. A diminutive human population in regard to its size, allows travelers the space they so need to breathe, dream and muse in complete tranquility. Here in Namibia, with the born-and-bred country experts, you’ll be able to enjoy the unique contrasts of our distinctive safari styles.

With our lodge-based horseback safaris, a Namibia riding safari can be whatever you dream it to be. From early morning sojourns and coffee stops no car can reach, to full day trips and even overnight camps under the vast and star-filled desert sky. Ride as little or as much as you’d like. And feel no guilt in bringing along the family members or friends that aren’t so equine-minded. All of our lodges will fulfill the Namibian safari aspirations of each and every member of your group.

Swap the game vehicle and go where no roads lead, for a gentler way to immerse yourself in the Namibian landscape.

Horse safari inspiration

Ride as much or as little as you’d like. From full day excursions and unique luxury (yet raw and remote) camping overnights, to short and sweet morning jaunts with strong coffee (or sunset rides with a crisp gin & tonic) and epic viewpoints. Non-equestrian activities abound for you to enjoy when not in the saddle, and for traveling companions not keen on the four-legged explorations.

Our Namibia riding safari itineraries, will have you trekking across our stunning country in whichever method of transport you prefer – air, privately guided or luxury self-drive amongst the options on tap. You’ll journey to some of the most magical highlights (and best kept secrets) that Namibia has to offer, staying at a selection of properties that provide for your riding and non-riding safari wants and needs.

Individualism is key. And we set the standard.

Between Two Ears

Ready to mount up and see Namibia from a different perspective?

We work with the specialists in horseback travel, Ride The Wild, to bring you only the finest riding experiences. Tried, tested and approved by the equestrian experts. Our itineraries are as individual as you.

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