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Your journey begins here,
with the born-and-bred experts.

and where no travel plan is the same.

A blank canvas awaits.

Ready to be suffused with your wildest safari dreams, for the ultimate in Namibian private and custom travel.

Travel to each lodge with a private driver and safari-ready Mercedes G-Wagon, enjoying private dining and ultimate seclusion throughout your trip? No need is beyond our bounds.

Get into the saddle and feel the earth move under thundering hooves, as you experience the landscape from between two ears? We know the unequivocally exceptional riding experiences you won’t find on a Google search or with another agent.

Swap the dirt roads for dirt landing strips to truly grasp the boundless space of Namibia, making your way to each stop via airplane.

Buckle up in the driver’s seat and take to the open road in our brand new, fully kitted-out 4x4s. You’ll have all the freedom of taking it at your own pace, minus the anxiety. Our on-the-ground team is available at all times should you need.


our Namibian travel specialties.


A small selection of our Namibian lodges & luxury hotels


Ready to transform the way you travel?

As the expert private travel planners for Namibia, we design custom itineraries for a safari experience that will stay with you for life.